15 years after an Alien invasion destroyed Earth’s government and decimated the population, resistance fighter Mike Walsh and his team of soldiers find themselves questioning their loyalty when they find themselves protecting the last child on Earth from falling into the wrong hands.

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other work

IronStar Films created a series of short films before embarking on the creation of Tellurian, their first feature film.

bloodloss (2015)

When his crew start to go missing, a local crime boss sends 3 men back to the l scene of a murder to to find out if the victim is really dead.

The Clearing (2016)

A young man wakes up in a strange place and must unravel the mysteries that have led him to this point before it's too late.

a private revolution (2016)

A father confronts his daughters killer hell bent on delivering his own justice. But not before hearing his confession.

Best friends come in boxes (2016)

A troubled fathers plans to reunite his family are derailed by the discovery of a strange box that presents an opportunity for him to reinvent himself. At a price.

1416: The Beginning (2019)

Richard Salsbury confronts the local baron after he murdered his uncle for his lands. He wants answers in the form of bloodshed.

About Ironstar films

Ironstar Films Limited is an independent film company which produce a variety of shorts and feature films from original scripts.

IronStar was founded in 2017 by the producer/ filmmaker collective of Graeme Carr, Dean Pearson, Peter Birnie and Allan Jennings. 

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