that’s a wrap

Tellurian concluded principal photography mid November 2019.

Having completed shooting with the rest of the cast just a few weeks before, our final day shooting started with us filming on a freezing cold St Cyrus beach at 8am with Brandon Boyd who plays Seth. We have never been so cold!

We then returned to Ethie woods outside Arbroath where we had previously shot our space pod scene with Kerry Browne, Stephen Humpage and Chris O’Mara. The area now looks a fair bit different from when we last shot there!

We ended the day ( mid afternoon) in Brechin which isn’t too far away from the other locations but had a very different look as there was still a frost on the ground. While unexpected, this made for some epic shots!

Our final day was the culmination of nearly 3 years work. How time flies!

Over that time we:

Had 21 day of shooting.

Worked alongside 90–100 of the most amazing cast and crew members. (This is an understatement) AMAZING!

Met some truly fantastic people who allowed us ( and joined us) to film our wee Sci-fi film on their property without looking at us funny!

Shot at more than 10 different locations across Scotland.

Seen our cast age before our eyes!

Seen countless haircuts!

Ate (too many) many end of day McDonalds!

Pushed a 8ft space pod 2 miles uphill through a forest only to forget we’d have To do it again at the end of the day in the pitch black!!😂

And had the most wonderful time doing it all!

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