post production diary

First of all, welcome to the Tellurian Post Production Diary.  My name is Graeme Carr and I am the Writer and Director of Tellurian.

I am also notoriously bad for not taking set photos or updating our social media often enough! For this I apologise. It’s by no means intentional, life sometimes just gets in the way.

This wasn’t such a problem when filming was ongoing as there were naturally occurring opportunities to post updates often prompted by cast members popping up a photo on Facebook or Instagram.

Now we are into post-production I thought that it might be better if I had an ongoing journal of sorts to record our progress from the footage To finished film.

I hope you enjoy following our adventure!

Let’s begin.

New A1 poster releases

Our first batch of awesome A1 sized posters have arrived and are available to purchase for £10 each including post and packaging in the UK.All Money raised goes straight back into helping us complete the film! Orders from outside the UK will unfortunately have to have p&p added. If you are outside of the UK

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Update:Covid 19 ( March, April, May)

Since the end of March Covid 19 has been the thing everyone has been talking about. We are living through the biggest pandemic that any of us have probably encountered so far in our lifetime. It has had devastating consequences on our communities and economy. And self employed creatives have been hit hard. With all

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January update: Our Roughest Edit

This month the team had been patiently awaiting our first look at the very first assembled film. Now. I say assembled in the loosest sense. Essentially it was all the roughly cut scenes in order. That’s it. Now I don’t want to make you think that it was just chucked together Willy Nilly. It wasn’t.

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Post-production: An overview

Getting your movie shot is only the first challenge in getting a feature film made. The first major hurdle so to speak. There are many more. Now anyone who has made a film, short or otherwise know the many steps that make up post-production. Luckily we are a talented bunch and can turn our hand

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Post Production begins

This is not truly accurate as we had been reviewing and rough editing scenes as we filmed them long before December due to having a bit of time between our shooting dates to do so. But December marked the first time we had all the footage to work with! Dean set about organising the footage

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