Post-production: An overview

Getting your movie shot is only the first challenge in getting a feature film made. The first major hurdle so to speak. There are many more.

Now anyone who has made a film, short or otherwise know the many steps that make up post-production.

Luckily we are a talented bunch and can turn our hand to most of them. But some require skills above our own! That means raising funding to collaborate with others more Waco.plished than ourselves in certain fields!

I have broken down where we are with each of the stages below.

Syncing audio

This has been ongoing and is now complete.


Dean has been tirelessly chipping away at the edit during his free time and as on course to have every scene roughly edited together by the end of January 2020. This should become our first full assembly by the end of Feb 2020.


We have several cgi shots to build from scratch. We have secured some great quality visual effect assets that were kindly supplied to us off the back of the quality of our original trailer.

These can only make Tellurian better and has meant we can crack on with some of these shots as we no longer need to fundraise as much for this area of post production.

We also have some green screen work to do with both actors and scale models in order to complete some scenes. The filming of the scale models has been pencilled in for April in order for us to raise the funds to cover transport costs.

(More details on this later)

Sound design

A hugely time consuming part of post production. We have been looking for someone to help us in this area. We have recently taken a giant step forward with the securing some amazing sound effect packs that again will help us forge ahead with this and significantly reduce the man hours needed as we have all the sounds on hand!


From fairly early on in the process we have had composer James Sizemore on board. James has previously worked on films such as The Hobbit Trilogy, Spotlight and Split. I have kept him updated with progress reports and once footage is at the stage that will allow James to start thinking about the feel of the film and start to form ideas then it will be passed across to him for his final creations! We can’t wait to hear these! Music elevates any film and we can’t wait to hear what James creates for Tellurian.

This should be within the next couple of months. Although early draft footage will be sent so that he can formulate ideas before that.


We may need to secure some help to ensure this meets the standard we require. We can do it, but it’s not our strongest area of expertise!

Colour grading

Dean loves this. But is again open to working with someone more accomplished than himself. We have time to figure this one out and ultimately can do it ourself if required.


Early work has already begun!

But realistically this won’t be completed until near the end of the process as we add more collaborators to it!

Essentially we have mapped out a plan that takes us up to around Aug/Sept. All going well we will have a film that is complete and festival ready.

I will continue to update this as we go through each step of the process, adding photos and any exciting developments. Along the way.

I still have January’s update to get us completely up to speed. I’ll have it up by the end of the month!

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