January update: Our Roughest Edit

This month the team had been patiently awaiting our first look at the very first assembled film. Now. I say assembled in the loosest sense.

Essentially it was all the roughly cut scenes in order. That’s it.

Now I don’t want to make you think that it was just chucked together Willy Nilly. It wasn’t. It definitely wasn’t!

It was a painstaking process just getting the film to this stage, a hugely time consuming task for Dean who has been on primary editing duties!

But eventually mid January we sat down to watch this rough as hell draft and it.was. glorious!

As we sat watching this draft without sound fx, without vfx and without colour grading we started to see what our film was shaping up to be!

We could begin to see the basic structure of the film coming together. We could see the character development, the humour. How scenes were playing out and the overall story unfolding.

It was the worst it will ever look and sound but at the same time it was a massive step forward for us. We were beginning to see the end product of three years of filming. It was huge!

Having viewed this version of the film a couple of times we felt that we needed to reorganise some of the scenes to create a better pacing and overall structure of the story.So began the task of sorting this out before tightening the edit any further.

As they say, the script is the first version of the film. You create a second when you film and a third version is completed in the edit.

This task wasn’t as arduous as it could have been as we collectively began to figure out the best way to link scenes and to ensure the story unfolds in a natural way.

With the structure in place, Dean could begin the task of moving some of the footage around and then start the tightening up of each scene.

We now patiently await version 1.2 of the edit.

Behind the scenes

So as the film is beginning to take shape I thought I’d make myself useful and began to increase my time spent looking into what else we need to get our film market ready!

Some things that we need to do are pretty straight forward. Sorting out Logistics and finances is all we need to figure out for the things that are directly going to impact the final film.

These are things such as the film score,vfx,practical fx, green screen work,sound design, subtitles, trailers ,posters, film ratings, marketing and building an audience. ( sheesh)

We have some knowledge and experience of these things. Many of which we have plans in place for or at least got ideas in the pipeline.

As much as we were aware of all these things, many of them we were unable to cost effectively at the beginning.

As I do this I know we are going to need to fundraise again in the near future. How we go about that is the subject of our team meetings at the moment. We have ideas but nothing set in stone as yet. I’ll include any movement on that in a future update!

what we don’t have knowledge in, is what do we do when the film is finished? How do we get it to our audience?

Distribution – and honestly this has got to be the most difficult part!

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