Update:Covid 19 ( March, April, May)

Since the end of March Covid 19 has been the thing everyone has been talking about. We are living through the biggest pandemic that any of us have probably encountered so far in our lifetime. It has had devastating consequences on our communities and economy. And self employed creatives have been hit hard.

With all production halted, all shows and performances cancelled and cinemas closing, people in these industries have been rocked by covid-19 and face uncertain futures.

We have been extremely lucky in that Tellurian was already in post when social isolation came into effect. We didn’t have any major filming to reschedule or cancel. We can work on the edit of the film and continue to get it as close to finished as possible. Albeit without being able to sit down as a team to do so.

What it has disrupted is our ability to continue fundraising in order to complete the film to the standard we require.

We have had to postpone some fundraising events, some minor filming of pick up shots and some green screen shots with models.

These we will be able to do later. But we do need to raise some funds in order to move onto areas in post production we didn’t think would be arriving quite so soon.

This has been a huge learning curve for us as a team and there have been hidden expenses that we didn’t factor into our earlier fundraising. Most of these relate to deliverables for distribution and fees for getting the film onto various platforms.

With the decision made to also bring on a specialist sound designer in order to ensure the dialogue and sound effects are all properly synchronised and on the correct timelines in the edit we will incur a further charge.

But we feel it would be more beneficial to get the sound mix correct early doors than face inflated fees from a distributor to change it later in order to meet quality control.

Other areas that we will need to raise funds for include: Bbfc rating, subtitles in various languages, marketing, delivery fees, practical model delivery and we still require to raise some of the money towards our composer fees.

We have managed to forge some relationships with various companies and individuals within the industry who believe in our project and have been willing to help us out in various ways. This has reduced our costs by a significant amount but not the whole amount.

So we will need to look at alternative fundraising ideas to raise the remaining funds we require or at least some of the funds in the short term to allow us to continue moving forward in post production.

We are looking at having our amazing film poster and some other merchandise available to purchase very shortly. So keep an eye out for that if it interests you!

We have also applied for some grants and various other funds to help to finish the film. I will keep you updated on how these turn out.

In the meantime , if anyone knows of any investors who would like to join us on our journey or has any ideas on how to raise further funds then please get in touch.

Also we are aware that because of delays to the film we have indiegogo perks that still need to ship.

I believe all the T-shirt’s Have been sent out. So it’s only those waiting on the screener to help us shape the final film,those who are waiting on a copy of the script and those who will get a copy of the finished film! As soon as the film is in a place to provide these. They will be sent out. We are currently on schedule to complete the film by the end of the year.( funding permitting)

Anyway, what’s happening with the film itself. Well it is going through a tidy up with the hope that we will have a first full edit completed by mid June. If we are happy with this then it will be sent out to our composer and the sound designer while we continue to work on some of the vfx required. Once we are able to meet up and do some filming again we will complete any additional bits and pieces we require. So we are moving in the right direction, even though it’s slightly slower than we would have liked. But we will continue to plod on and do what we can when we can!l with the hope that we can share it with you ASAP. Thanks.

You can follow any updates on Facebook and Instagram at Ironstar films and also keep an eye out for our new website that is coming soon.

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